5 Eating Habits that You Need to Change

5 Eating Habits that You Need to Change

You need to know what is the wrong eating habits that you need to change. The sooner, the better. These are the eating habits that you need to change :

  • No Breakfast

In fact, breakfast is the most important eating of the day. But still, many people of these days have not breakfast with a variety of reasons, such as must deliver children to school, or should to rush to the office, those can always be the reasons. But it still does not justify your habit, because having no breakfast is going to interfere your metabolism in a day.
It is like the machine that not thoroughly heated before used, the calories you burn in a day will be less and not effective. So, if you want to reduce weight and being on diet, remember to always have a breakfast in your day.

  • Excessive Eating

The second habit that you need to change is excessive eating. Excessive eating or overeating that meant here is eating with a large amount of meal at once. Do you often want to diet by eating the large amount of meal at once in a day? Do you like eating excessively after a week limiting the number of meals?
Do you often eat eventhough you are full? It is a sign that you are an excessive eater.
Take it easy. You can handle it by training yourself to be more discipline in eating. Change your diet meals into several times a day in smaller portions. It is better than eating twice a day in big portions.

5 Eating Habits that You Need to Change 2

  • Eating While Doing Other Things

If you have the habit of eating while watching tv, reading a book, or even while cooking. It means you have the eating habit that you need to change. When you eat while doing other things, you will be hard to realize how much food that you already eat. Consequently, you eat more than you should. To overcome this habit, you can train yourself to have a fixed time to eat and eat in the room separately, so you are not tempted to do anything else.

  • Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is eat when you are in the state of unstable mental. One example is snacking when stressed by the amount of work, or eating ice cream when you are broken heart. If you feel you like to vent emotions with lots of eating, then you most likely will choose junk foods to cope with the emotions.
You should stop the habit immediately and channel your emotions to other positive things.

5 Eating Habits that You Need to Change 3

  • Late Night Eating

Actually, eating above 6 or 7 PM is okay, as long as not be done everyday. But there are many people who will feel very angry at night, or just want to chew on something before sleeping. That is dangerous, because eating before sleeping will make you hard to sleep since your body will be active again to digest the foods.

Those 5 things above are the eating habits that you need to change. Which one is your habit? Let’s change now!